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Revolution Bicycles Staff 

Our friendly, open and courteous staff loves bikes and cycling culture. We are continuously improving with seminars, clinics and education to make sure we are providing our customers the most up-to-date technical advice and support. We look forward to helping you!

Sean T doing bike stuff with tools and things.

Sean Tetrault - Owner

Sean began cycling early as a pre-schooler snoozing in a Burley child trailer towed along the shoulder of highway 101 behind his family. His father was active for some time as a century rider and a March-of-Dimes fundraising ride participant in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Growing up Sean spent plenty of time playing with Legos, riding his BMX bike, and in the company of his beloved road-racing and motorcycle-loving maternal uncles. With a genetic disposition toward two-wheeled motion and a love of exploded diagrams (i.e. Lego manuals), he has found a happy place building bicycles and bicycle trails for the community.

Justin Brown - Owner

JB is a boss. He is from Canada and used to have a 240 Z. These days his van-life fetish is running rampant and he spends more time bopping around outdoors on his days off than most people realize. Raised in Canada and in Monterey California he knows all about parties and cool bike stuff but balances the scales with a work ethic only loggers from 1952 can relate to. He will push himself through ridiculous long rides with minimal training and seems to enjoy suffering. Also likes Mexico and margaritas.

Andrew Spickerman knows how to party


Our right-hand man. Andrew will school you on food, wheelbuilding and the current political climate. In the summer look for him 30 miles out some random backroad headed to the river with a pannier full of cold beer.


Emily is now our "Lead chocolate procurement specialist." She has ridden the Divide and now just hangs around winning races and knitting hats. We're pretty sure that she is secretly an astronaut.


A stylish rider and also an English major at Cal Poly Humboldt, Trey speaks fluent American and likes overhauling excessively complex suspension mechanisms. He also collects tattoos.


This is a Furbee. It looks mean but really is a very nice creature from a family of very fast creatures. This one rides silly fast and regularly tests the structural integrity of bicycle parts.

Lizzy kicks butts on the race course!


The Lizzinator. A SUPER strong rider, Lizzy wrenches on bikes, speaks Spanish, and will destroy your Strava time if she isn't busy studying engineering.


An amazing mechanic who can fix anything, Shane doesn't believe in cameras.


Ian likes helmet yoga and cleaning. He cleans everything. Don't be surprised if you have him over for dinner and he organizes your sock drawer.

Sean L.

Sean L. Rides very fast and extremely quietly. He also engineers weird (but very useful) s**t out of bamboo based plastics. If you ask him politely he may even engineer a solution oriented problem for you.


This is August's average "commute to work" ride. He is a man of mystery and inhuman feats of Stava-crushing elevation gain. 


Adam knows about bikes and wine. Seriously. Ask him. He will pair your shifters and your chardonnay.


Gio and bikes in 4 syllables: dig, jump, edit. No nonsense. No more words.


All about that thuglyfe, Harper will bring the noise and break dance your face off.


Sierra is going to be either president or vice president depending on Sasha.


Sasha is going to be either president or vice president depending on Sierra.


Sawyer is going to be in charge of implementing whatever policies Sierra and Sasha enact.


Distinguished past members of the Revolution Bicycles family~

Alyssa rides a Remedy


Alyssa knows how to handle a POS system and is generally moderately pleasant.


Beards, beer, hot tubs and fixing any and everything. Also a good dad. <3

Garitt Mathews - no words.


Garitt likes holding hands, small energetic dogs and mushrooms. Being an energetic and driven man Uncle Garitt left to further his G.I.S. career and we miss him.

Dalin Campbell wears many hats at Revolution.


Was our "Lead chocolate procurement specialist." Also good at bike stuff. Dalin has cool shoes.

Avery Stevens jumps stuff


Avery is somewhere right now riding bikes, motos or a snowboard. Also....maybe fishing. Fun fact: Trey and Avery have matching Covid tattoos!

Ben eats a sandwich


Ben Left. We miss Ben. Come back Ben. 



You can find Jack in his garden when he isn't busy surfing or winning cyclocross races. We're pretty sure he is an ex-CIA operative.


Jett rides bikes fast and stylie and likes to stuff his rear end hard into every corner.Watch his rowdy shenanigans on the instagram or try to keep up with him on the HSU race team.

Tommy Robinson is fast.


Tommy likes Enduro, wears Hawaiian shirts, and stands on podiums. Not bad, Tommy, not bad.


We have no idea. At all.

small Mikaela on her dads moto.


Raised by vicious wolves, Mikaela is known for her aggression. Here we see her as a wild child shorty before she stole this nice looking gentleman's Honda. 

Meigan Butler stands atop the podium. Again.


As nice as she is fast- keep your eyes out for Meigan at the front of any XC field. Sadly she has left the good ship Revo for more fruitful collegiate shores. 


Anders moved North and now rides more and wetter roots than we do. Anders' grin is a mile wide, look for it mud-speckled on the trail somewhere up in the PNW. Cheers buddy! <3


Viv is awesome and Viv is off doing Viv stuff in the wide world now. Her laugh always brings warmth to the room. Cheers Viv!


Taj is serious. So serious that his last name is Krieger which translated in German is "warrior." Watch yourself in that paceline fools!!

Reilly Hohman


If thoughtful and caring were made flesh it would look like this. Also he is REALLY fast. Also his beard is red. Also, sorry singles, he's spoken for.


This is a grainy, stolen photo of Sam. Sam has done things. Many things with wheels. He owned Manifesto in Oakland and is now a bike wrenching tattooist dad. Top that!


Magzilla. Maggie is Lizzy's sister. They are both faster than 94.7%  of the human race on a bike. This is a fact.


Gabe has epic taste in headwear, uses public transportation and knows a thing or two more than he is telling.


Neva rarely smiles or laughs. She commands respect through stern authority and tolerates absolutely zero shenanigans. She rides bikes with clinical precision and is constantly stopping to conduct trigonometric evaluations of trail features. 


Cadence is familiar with using bicycles as a tool for achieving low-earth orbit. That and he's handy with a shovel.