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Bogstomp registration is open! Registration closes November 8th!


There will be no day-of registration. Thank you!

Please note: We are not having an eBike race this year. Last year we had insufficient entries to justify the category. 

Please bring your good ol' acoustic pedal bike and let's have fun!

 (if we have sufficient interest we'll try to bring the E-bike category back next year!)

A rough timeline of the day's events:

High Noon  -  30 minute (plus one lap)
12:45-1:00 pmish  -  free kids race
2:00 pmish  -  50 minute (plus one lap)
3 pmish  -  Awards, Special Events & reveling

Important things to remember at Bogstomp:

1. There is no cell service at the venue

2. Due to lack of web service it is a cash only event

3. Please drive carefully in the big parking field

4. Please leave your doggies at home.

Follow the links below to join the shenanigans!

Where is Bogstomp you ask?


The EthniKs

We are stoked to welcome back the The EthniKs! They have been a fixture at Bogstomp since it's inception!

The Elderberry Rust Stringband

Returning for 2023 The Elderberry Rust Stringband will bring some great Bogstomping tunes to the after-party!

Bog Tees

Don't forget to pre-order your Bogstomp t-shirts during registration! Quantities are limited!

~Thanks to our 2023 partners & sponsors~

Check out this article on Pink Bike by Ryan Wiegman & Ali Osgood for a nice idea of what the day is about.


This blog has some old Bogstomp photos and results...

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