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Every fall Revolution Bicycles hosts the BOGSTOMP “race” in Elk River. An event not to be missed the format is cyclo-cross-ish with a mix of singletrack, pavement, gravel, grass, packed dirt and sometimes mud. The course is virtually flat but still offers some technical challenges keeping it interesting, fun, and lively for a wide variety of riders. From cross bikes to pixie bikes to DH bikes; virtually any type of bicycle can navigate the course. There are two adult races, a 30 minute and a 60 minute. During intermission between the adult races Revolution plays host to possibly the most popular event of the day: the kids race! The kiddos race on a shortened version of the course and there are two kids’ races; a 1 lap 7 year old and under and a 2 lap 8-12 year old bracket. 

            There is always a BBQ and a keg or two with plenty of time to hang out, celebrate, and simply enjoy our awesome cycling community. 

Check out this article on Pink Bike by Ryan Wiegman for a nice idea of what the day is about.

 PinkBike has results and more general nonsense. 

Hope to see you out there!!

Joel Graves Bogstomping

Coming soon.... BOGSTOMP STUFF

There will be more here sometime in the not-too-distant future...